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Who is Renting

Who is Renting in Denver?

Denver is a very transitional city and renting is on the rise! People move here for the "ColoradoLifestyle"- the perfect blend of cosmopolitan amenities and natural resources. The Greater Metro Area is one of the fastest growing markets for new business development. Denver is also home to several professional athletic teams which adds interest in high end and luxury rental properties that accommodate athlete's lifestyles and schedules while giving them comfortable places to call home.

Why Lease Instead of Sell?

Plans, schedules, and lifestyles can change at any time; leasing gives property owners flexibility, security, stability, and peace of mind during their transition. Generate income to continue investing in your property and move on with your plans, knowing your property is being cared for by highly qualified tenants.

Why Lease

What Can My Property Lease For

What Can My Property Rent For?

The Luxury Leasing Team uses a variety of tested methods to help determine a property's rental value. This involves everything from analyzing market and neighborhood data to knowing the details of the individual space. We have represented hundreds of homes throughout the metro area from urban lofts to rural ranches and are confident in our ability to list your home at a fair market value that will attract Qualified Tenants!

How Do I Learn More About Leasing?

Call us and schedule an in-home consultation with one of our brokers. We will provide you with a professional rental value assessment, answer your questions and concerns, and guide you through our rental process.


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DISCLAIMER: In the event of a default by Tenant of Lease, the Luxury Leasing Team at Lux Homes will assist in facilitation of negotiations between Tenant and Landlord. The Luxury Leasing Team will repost the property upon notification from Landlord on all listing sites currently used by The Luxury Leasing Team for Lux Homes. If a subsequent tenant is presented and approved by Landlord resulting in a fully executed Lease contract, the Luxury Leasing Team for Lux Homes reserves the right to knowingly and willingly charge it's agreed upon fee as stated in The Exclusive Right-to-Lease Listing Contract. If Landlord elects to handle settlement negotiations directly with Tenant for whatever reason, The Luxury Leasing Team at Lux Homes will be released from any and all liability including fees charged to Landlord for lease of premises.

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